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Religious Education

Religious Education

Our Religious Education Program is aimed to help children from preschool to high school grow closer to God and in the Catholic Faith. Each grade has a theme that they discuss as the year goes on.

We offer Reconciliation for each grade one time throughout the year. We have 195 students in our program.

If you are interested in helping with Religious Education, especially in the realms of Teaching, Subbing or Hall Monitor, or if you have any other questions regarding Religious Education, please contact Beth Geis.

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2023-2024 Religious Education Program

Preschool & Kindergarten

Teachers: Toni Cummings, Charlotte Trossman & Beth Geis
Curriculum: Seeds-Gospel Weeklies
Theme: Jesus’s Life

1st Grade

Teachers: Irene Robben & Rosie Slagle
Curriculum: Promise-Gospel Weeklies
Theme: We Belong

2nd Grade

Teachers: Dee Raver & Monica Balash
Curriculum: Dynamic Catholic
Theme: Blessed – First Reconciliation & First Communion

3rd Grade

Teachers: Melissa Jacobs & Cheryl Borgman
Curriculum: Good News-Gospel Weeklies
Theme: Jesus Has Good News to Share

4th Grade

Teachers: Lisa Oldham
Curriculum: Christ Our Life
Theme: 10 Commandments & Beatitudes

5th Grade

Teachers: Helen Lewis
Curriculum: Christ Our Life
Theme: Mass

6th Grade

Teachers: Deann Kaiser & Victoria Mullens
Curriculum: Christ Our Life
Theme: How to Read & Stories from the Bible

7th Grade

Teachers: Miranda Henry & April Dhamal
Curriculum: Christ Our Life
Theme: Every Day Topics/Situations

8th Grade

Teachers: Shannon Munchel & Steve Struewing
Curriculum: Dynamic Catholic